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CeQure naturally sourced vitamin C with lipid metabolites
Promotion CAM Magazine

CeQure, naturally sourced vitamin C with lipid metabolites - Try yourself

Better absorption, retention and utilization

Continuous research and innovation have generated a new, better and more effective form of vitamin C. The high level of bioavailability of CeQure lies in its unique composition (ascorbic acid with natural lipid metabolites and bioflavonoids).

The lipid metabolites act as ascorbic acid carriers to increase absorption of vitamin C and enhance cellular uptake.

Absorption of vitamin C

CeQure is an innovative supplement with better absorption, retention and utilization of vitamin C, having greater beneficial effects. 
CeQureCeQure is 100% naturally sourced. Each V-capsule contains 500mg pure vitamin C.

Available in jars of 60 and 180 V-capsules.

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*This promotion is valid until December 31, 2015